Thursday, June 21, 2012

Resiliency II

There are some resiliency secrets.
Resiliency secret #1 is," Do something you enjoy everyday."
Resiliency secret #2 is that the things you enjoy should be in two major categories. 

One will be those items, which are fun (that is why you like them) and the second category are items that may not be fun. You enjoy them for a different reason. You enjoy them because they give you a sense of accomplishment – things like, maybe, cleaning the toilet. It is not much fun but you feel good when it is done and the toilet is sparkling clean.

Life will challenge your resiliency resources everyday. You must replenish them everyday by taking time to do things you enjoy. Each night when going to sleep, ask yourself two questions. First, "Did I have any fun today?" The answer should also be yes to at least one thing. Second, "Did I get anything done today?" The answer should be yes to at least one thing. If you can answer both questions positively then you have had a good day and are on the road to resiliency. If you can answer with more than one item so much the better.

author unknown

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