Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is your mind a mystery?

The Mystery of Our Minds

With a majority of my clients we examine thoughts, assumptions and beliefs that lead us to distress and pain.  We explore the nature of these thoughts in relationship, and how the way we experience ourselves and others is a reciprocal cycle ... We pull 'things' from our experience and relationships based on who we are and the lenses of thoughts/assumptions and and beliefs though which we understand our world.  The 'things' we pull often serve to validate and justify what it is we believe.  So you can see how about experiences and beliefs are intertwined.  Once we can clarify what our thoughts are, we can work on challenging their truthfulness, as not every thing we think is the truth!

"...the mind is the cause of both unhappiness and happiness ... If there is anything worth knowing it is the mind..." - Muktananda

Corinne is a licensed marriage and family therapist is private practice.  Among her specialities are depression, anxiety, affairs, communication, anger, premarital, teens, and more.  Her expertise is in exploring who we are in our relationships, while externalizing and changing relationship to that which plagues us.