Monday, June 11, 2012

Lost & Confused On Life

Dear Corinne, 
I find myself lost and confused on life, and it's becoming stressful to be around my family to the point where I just leave the house everyday just to get away.  What is that about? 
Dear Alexis,
I think most of us have felt this way at some point or another - I know I have for sure!   Usually feeling lost and confused is felt during times of transitions.  Are you going through change in your life, relationships, schooling, work, loss?  I know when I've had to make major life decisions uncertainty has played a role.  Is there a specific situation presenting itself in your life?
I think that your strategy of leaving the house when you feel stressed is one way of coping.  Where are you going most of the time?  You have developed self-awareness to know when you need some distance and have created a -hopefully- safe way to find it.  Sometimes we need silence and personal space in order to tune into ourselves and figure out what we need and want.  Your feelings of being lost and confused can actually be a positive experience because they signal that something isn't working for you any more, and may help propel you toward change and growth.
This may sound very different, but give it a try.  This is definitely not the last time you will feel confused in life.  Instead of making confusion a problem, get to know your confusion.  What I mean is, if your 'confusion' had a voice, what would it tell you?  What type of conversation would the two of you have?  When do you feel most confused?  Do certain people, conversations, environments trigger this?   
I firmly believe having a safe place and person to talk with is one of the best ways to find support for yourself.  You don't have to figure it out alone...believe it or not, none of us ever do. 
Please follow up at any time.  It will be interesting to hear about what happens to the confusion in your life.  
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