Thursday, April 24, 2014

When You're Down and Out

I've recently worked with parents who are feeling guilty for mistakes they've made in their lives, and the effects this has on their children.  Sometimes they've been incarcerated, divorced, in poverty, relying on substances and more.  Whatever the case may be, at one point or another we are all going to go through a down and out phase of life.  That's the nature of living.

What's most important and a great lesson to show kids is that no matter how bad it's been, you can choose to look forward and begin again.  Showing kids how to pick themselves up, heal the wounds of life, and forgive are life lessons that can't be learned intellectually, but through experience.  So, instead of living in a limited world of the past, look at what you have to be grateful for in this moment, and nurture the visions you have for your future.

- Dr. Corinne Scholtz in a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice.  She works with pre-adolescent and adolescent children in Ft Lauderdale and the surrounding area.  Contact her for more information about how she works with kids at


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