Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Marital Therapy? One of the best things for troubled relationships

Marital therapy is probably the best single thing that people in troubled marriages can do to help heal their marriages. Therapy provides support and can help distrusting and disengaged partners safely address their difficulties and begin the process of problem solving and healing.  One key component of this is confidentiality or working to make the therapy room a place of safety. 
This includes setting a tone of trust, for if clients feel a lack of trust with their therapist it’s likely they won’t get very far.  Emotional safety and trust begins to build a foundation to manage couples’ anger, frustration and contempt.  A skilled therapist will provide neutrality and privacy that helps couples to step out of defensive, combative, aggressive patterns of communication.

-- Dr Corinne Scholtz is a top-rated local family therapist who specializes in marriage counseling and couples therapy.  She has two office locations in 33301 and 33308. 


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