Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Young Therapist's Journey - Part One

I started my journey as a therapist after learning about marriage counseling using Imago Therapy.  I was a senior in college, and very interested in romantic relationships and why some work and others not so much.  What I was about to learn changed my thoughts forever!

Imago Therapy is suitable for individuals and couples seeking greater awareness and understanding of themselves and each other.   It explores what it is we may be looking for in another that we aren't aware of…such cool stuff!  Imagine that each of us walk around with a 'blueprint' in our subconscious about the traits we are looking for in a romantic partner.  Part of what makes up our blueprint is our childhood experience with our most significant figures…usually parents and or guardians.  We internalize their positive and negative traits.  Not only that, but imago therapy investigates our core wounds … those places where we didn't get what we needed as young ones.  Acknowledging wounds isn't a bad thing.  In fact, imago takes it one step further and suggests that in our choice of romantic partner we are seeking to heal these wounds and look to our partner to provide this.

However, the tricky part - where therapy becomes most crucial - , is recognizing how and when our partner triggers our most vulnerable emotions, and instead of getting stuck in a reactive cycle with one another, use this as a path for healing.  It is thought that we will unconsciously attract the person who will most trigger us in order to provoke an opportunity for healing.  

Fascinating stuff, right?

-Dr. Corinne Scholtz offers family, couple and marital therapy for a variety of relationship challenges in the Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33301 area and surrounding neighborhoods.  


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