Thursday, July 11, 2013

Forgive Yourself - Melody Beattie

Doesn't it feel good to forgive yourself?  You don't have to be afraid or reluctant to do that anymore.  Forgiving yourself doesn't mean that you are condemned.  It means you are setting yourself free.  

We can gather so much guilt as we go through life.  We may blame ourselves for the experiences we've had and how we've handled them.  We may build up resentments against ourselves.  We may even resist forgiving ourselves because we think that means saying we were bad or wrong.  But not forgiving ourselves when we need to often leads us to return to situations not healthy for us.  

Forgiving yourself means you can leave places that feel bad.  You can end relationships that no longer work, you can avoid situations that cause you continual pain and grief.  Forgiving yourself means you can stop punishing yourself for what you've done and what you think you've done wrong.  

-Journey to the Heart.

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