Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Mean By 'Connected Living'

I decided upon the name for my practice, The Center of Connected Living -Fl, because I've observed and experienced how easy it is to feel disconnected from myself and others around me.  Emotional, mental and spiritual connection creates a quality of life that is hard to obtain on your own.  No one is an island in and of spite of the fact that Western culture wants you to believe independence, self-sufficiency and the pursuit of individual goals is the path to happiness.  What 'they' forget is that no one gets to where they are going without the help and support of others. 

We don't have to all of a sudden become social 'butterflies' but we are social creatures and need to feel connected to something in our lives - whether a pet, mate, family, sport, group...

The Center of Connected Living-Fl reflects the value of relationship and seeks through the therapeutic relationship ways to create, strengthen, appreciate and build upon the connections in your life.  So many of our ailments in life come from a sense of disconnection and disharmony in our lives.  The distinctions below summarize these thoughts pretty well:

Emotional Isolation: the "response to the absence of...a close, indeed intimate, attachment" (what the rest of us call a partner). The second, Social Isolation, he explains with an image: "It's like a child home sick from school: Everybody else goes off, the neighborhood is suddenly empty, there's nobody to do anything with." People suffering from this kind of loneliness lack a sense of community—a healthy network of friends, acquaintances, or coworkers. Weiss says, "Theirs is a problem of maintaining a sense of being meaningful or mattering to other people." 

I think that at one time or another we will all feel degrees of emotional and or social isolation. And that's ok and probably normal.  What isn't normal is settling for this state and telling yourself 'this is just the way it is'.  It does not have to be this way!!
Dr Corinne Scholtz, LMFT

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