Monday, November 12, 2012

The therapist's therapist!!

I think one of the best things about therapy is being able to talk about what’s really happening in my life.  All those thoughts and experiences that I tend to keep to myself.   I’ve been to some pretty odd therapists, some have had good intentions but poor delivery, and some that didn’t fit for me at all.  I knew these things because during one point in my life I had a really good therapist.  This therapist treated me with compassion, wasn’t uncomfortable when I cried, talked with a calm, confident and soothing voice.  She also challenged my beliefs by frequently asking me to question what I thought was the truth.  She introduced me to spirituality and the idea that there is a bigger purpose to the events and experiences we each have.  She had an amazing effect on my life, my emotional and mental development, and I often think about how things would have been different for me without her. In fact, my experience with her led me to explore becoming a therapist.In retrospect, these conversations were very important for me to have, but the real lasting influence in my life was the relationship we shared.  I knew nothing about how therapy was supposed to work, and she could have probably said so many other things.  The therapy was successful because the relationship we established.
Dr Corinne Scholtz, LMFT


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