Tuesday, May 8, 2012

responsibility & relationships

This idea has stuck with me for a long time:
'we have a responsibility to other people, but, we are not responsible for other people'.
Just a change of one word changes the meaning of the entire sentence.

If you're like me, I use to take on over-responsiblity in my mind for other people's actions.  I would beat myself up thinking that there was something I could do better, should have done, regret doing that might have affected the outcome of the situation.

But, this idea of responsibility to others - not for others- allows me to feel free ... and this allows me to focus on being the best me I can in the roles of my life.  For example, I have the responsibility to be the best therapist I can for my clients.  But I'm not responsible for what they choose to take from therapy and how they apply it, or don't apply it, to their lives.

I learned when I give up worry, and my old assumption that taking on other people's stuff means I am kind and caring, I am more free to be the compassionate, creative, confident, thoughtful, energetic and inspired person I wish to be.

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