Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Listen and talk to as many older people as you can.  They will have wisdom to share.  It is also a special gift for them to talk about their life and memories with someone who cares.


  1. wisdom plays a pivotal role in life and living. As a matter of fact, to measure well as if everything may be a miracle, wisdom is indispensable. First and foremost, what's wisdom? Wisdom is different from knowledge therein the previous has much to try to to with the thinking mind, while the latter has much to try to to with the acquisition of data . Accordingly, being knowledgeable doesn't necessarily mean being wise. After all, humans are all limited in their capacity and capability to accumulate knowledge, which is unlimited. Therefore, to use what's limited for the unlimited is irrational. Wisdom, on the opposite hand, is to use mind power, which is unlimited, to use the limited knowledge acquired to know truth nature of self, of others, also as of things around.

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