Saturday, March 17, 2012

So, why family therapy?

I chose to study family therapy because of its holistic, alternative way of viewing people and change.

Family Therapists refrain from diagnosing and labeling conditions and instead seek to understand the person in whatever dilemma they may find themselves.
The most important relationship that one may have throughout life is the relationship one has with one’s self. Successful therapy can re-introduce you to yourself, allowing you to reclaim talents, abilities and skills that perhaps became overlooked along the way. When we learn to treat ourselves with care, with love and acceptance, then forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others becomes a way of life.
In my experience, therapy often works to change not only the client, but also the therapist. Every single time I meet someone I am invited to be a participant in shaping their story. Every single time I join another in their world, I am opening myself to have my story shaped by another.
What a relational world we live in!


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