Saturday, October 15, 2011


Welcome to The Center of Connected Living Blog.
The Center of Connected Living is S. Florida's location for optimal mental and emotional health.  We offer various therapies, including pet therapy, yoga therapy, adolescent therapy and more.  Our belief is that Connection and Community are two of the most important experiences for creating optimal mental and emotional health. With so many helping professionals including therapists and coaches it can be hard to figure out what will be right for you. I hope this blog will make that easier! 


  1. A combination of therapeutic approaches, including behavioral, cognitive behavioral, and family therapies are used to help families address substance use and other mental health conditions that occur for the adolescent in treatment is adolescent therapy.

  2. The discussion above has moved some distance down the path of making sense of children's and adolescent's behavior, and the very different treatment requirements that follow. Understanding that their behaviors are their words and phrases, and that their world is the family, takes us some distance in understanding the relevance of different therapeutic techniques such as play therapy and family therapy. Child psychiatrist jupiter fl

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